Who are we?

We are a transdenominational Neo Pagan religious and networking organization. Our goal is to create and maintain a community in the Northern Illinois area where diverse groups can work together toward the common goals of tolerance and community, and eventually a space where groups can gather for worship.

We want to be a group to unite and bring together the diverse members of the Pagan community in the Northern Illinois area, and to sponsor open ritual and celebration that everyone may feel free to attend, in a spirit of harmony, peace and community. Please come and help us heal old wounds, build new relationships, and unite the Pagans of the Northern Illinois area!

In the words of the famous chant, "We are a circle within a circle, with no beginning, and neverending!"



There is a members' meeting on November 16, 2014.  Please come to discuss the future of the Northern Illinois Pagan Alliance.  Please contact the secretary, president, or a board member of the Northern Illinois Pagan Alliance with any questions or concerns.


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